Trail Update January 27, 2022

All Snowmobile and Winter ATV trails located on Public and Private Lands in Clark County will open to riders on Friday January 28, 2022 at 8AM. Riders can expect early season riding conditions, this includes icy patches, thin base and rough agricultural fields. Riders are reminded to use caution while riding.

*TRAIL CLOSURE:  Trail FS between Snyder Park and Chili Road at intersection 9A will be closed until further notice.

*TRAIL CLOSURE: Trail X from intersection 40 north and east to the Black River/Clark Ave, which is maintained by the Thorp Sno Raiders, will remain closed until further notice.

Please use caution while riding trails in the Clark County Forest. There are several areas where logging operations are taking place. Trucks will be hauling on forest roads and snowmobile trails. Some snowmobile trails are plowed. Please slow down, yield to logging equipment and use caution. Please note that UTV’s are not allowed on the Clark County Trails system during the winter months (November 1- May 14). Clark County trails are subject to periodic closure; for updates on recent closures and/or openings please contact the Forestry and Parks Department at 715-743-5140, or visit the county website at for more information on our trail system.

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