About the Council

The Clark County Snowmobile Council is made up of the nine active snowmobile clubs in Clark County. It is these clubs and their volunteer members along with the County Forestry and Parks Department that maintain and groom the over 370 miles of snowmobile trails throughout the county. Many of these trails would not be possible without the generosity of the many private landowners who allow these trails to cross their property. Because these trails attract snowmobilers from across the county and beyond, snowmobiling has a huge economic impact for the county. The Clark County Snowmobile Council is responsible for producing a Clark County snowmobile map which is funded by local businesses that purchase advertising on it. Each year the Council awards a $500 scholarship to a deserving graduating senior who is a member of one of the county clubs.

Council meetings are hosted by the individual clubs on the first Thursday of the month at 7:30 pm.

2023 – 24 Meeting Schedule

Month                                               Club                           Location

September 7, 2023                        Neillsville                    Fannies Supper Club

October 6, 2022                            Loyal                           Sportsman Clubhouse

November 2, 2023                        Riplinger                     Unity Town Hall

December 7, 2023                         Spencer                      Clubhouse

January 4, 2024                             Thorp                          Cindy’s Bar

February 2, 2024                            Colby                          Lions Shelter

March 7, 2024                                Curtiss                         Clubhouse

September 2024                            Greenwood

October 2024                                 Dorchester